Using an MQTT value for temperature triggered automation?

I’ve got an automation that’s triggered by a temperature sensor. Currently, the temp it’s triggered on is hard coded in the automation. Instead of hard coding it, I’d like to have it based on an MQTT value.

Here’s a screenshot of my trigger

How can I do this?


We can’t see the picture.

However, it’s customary when asking for help with code that you actually post a text version of the code (properly formatted with ``` before and after) so we don’t have to type it all out but simply copy/paste/edit yours.

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I updated the post to fix the picture. It wasn’t showing before due to a bug with the community forum.

Regarding example code, there isn’t any code right now. There’s just a hard coded value in the automation trigger that I’d like to replace with an MQTT value. It should make more sense, now that the picture is working.

Hey, did you make it work? I am just looking for the same and can’t find a way.