Using API or direct access to send command to Zigbee device and Phoscon-GW - Deconz


I have multiple devices correctly recognize and working with script/automation connected via a RaspBee II with Gateway version 2.21.02 and Phoscon-GW/Deconz integration
those are mainly Lights, Power sockets, Switch, motion detector, door contact…

so I don’t want to start from scratch and redo everything by installing ZHA or zigbee2mqtt. As I read that you can only have one software controlling the zigbee bridge.

I recently purchase 2 devices that are not correctly recognize or usable.

  1. Moes Siren Zigbee : recognize as a lights with Product : TS0601 vendor _TZE204_t1blo2bj
  2. Zigbee meter with CT (Amperemetric clamp 80A) : PJ-MGW1203 : recognize by phoscon as Product TS0601 vendor _TZE204_cjbofhxw

I was able to connect through the API gateway and able to get some information :
thanks to : Using deCONZ Zigbee REST API for adjusting sensitivity of Aqara Vibration Sensor

  1. for the siren, when I switch on the “lights” on homeassistant nothing happens.
    so I wondering if I can turn it on using a API call with proper command.
    I try several stuff (URL) but it didn’t works. I can only read info, not push any command

I try to use it with ZHA, I can make it ring (so the zigbee bridge can make it happen) but all my previous work didn’t work anymore and no more connectivity with most of my zigbee device, so I revert the backup.

is there a way to or use a API call, or edit the DDF on deconz, to send the proper order to the siren ??

  1. for the ampermeter, it also find as a light and basically I can’t do anything with it.

anyone can help ??

Thanks in advance.