Using automation to update friendly name of helper

I’ve got a couple of input_boolean helper toggles I use for my daughters to track their tasks for the day.

I also have an input_text helper where their household chore is rotated on a weekly basis.

Instead of having them navigate between screens to see what their chore is vs. tick it off, I’m trying to see if there’s a way to update the friendly name of the helper itself.
I know it’s possible to toggle it, turn it on or off, and set the value of other helpers - but can’t seem to find a way to actually modify the helper itself.

Any ideas?

No such service exists. You cant change the configuration of an input boolean programmatically within HA. You can only change its state.

You can change which helper is shown in the card though.

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Thanks Tom. Unfortunately I use the helpers in calculations so can’t alternate which one is hidden.
All good, I’ll think of something else.