Using bluetooth speaker/mic with Rhasspy

Hello, maybe I’m missing something but I have been struggling for a few days now and don’t know what else to try.
I have HAOS installed on RPI3 and Rhasspy intergration installed on it. I’m trying to use bluetooth speaker/microphone to control it but can’t get it to work. I purchased Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 which has also built in microphone. I am able to connect it using bluetoothctl and the speaker works just fine when I manually trigger Rhasspy to tell me something, but can’t get the microphone to work.
Maybe I’m missing somehting, but I haven’t found anything after hours of googling. Is this even possible to have one device connected via bluetooth and working as speaker/mic at the same time?

Also I’m interested if I can use the Home Assistant mobile app (android) as microphone if my idea with bluetooth speaker fails.
Any hints how to actually do this? I don’t bealive I am the first to try this.

show this: link