Using Broadlink: how can I get toggle switches to reset to 0 automatically

Although I have this integration functioning as simple switches, on and off, for devices such as the Dyson heater (non-smart version) this doesn’t function well within HomeKit.

I am migrating away from homebridge, aside from FFMPEG ,as I still cannot see a solution for those streams to be directed to HomeKit.

Anyway, the heater uses the same signal so on and off and therefore, to call Siri “activate climate” regardless of whether it is on or off requires the toggle switch to turn itself off automatically after a few seconds. This was handled well in homebridge using enable auto off function time and set to one second.

Secondly, to control volume, it’s possible just to turn the switch on and off to send multiple signals. I think this is a messy solution, so I had this solved in the homebridge to send a signal multiple times on each button press. Is this possible in home assistant?

I’ve tried several attempts here and thought I would ask the community if you had some advice.

Manny thanks – I have basic coding knowledge but comfortable editing Config files/SSH and so on