Using Broadlink RM4 mini to learn AC remote codes?

Greetings everyone :slight_smile:

I am very new to the HA journey and I am currently messing with a Broadlink RM4 mini. I am trying to replace the AC remote control.

So far I’ve managed to install the Broadlink integration, use the learn commands and successfully creating scripts-entities from these commands. I am currently being able to power on/off the unit from the HA :yawning_face:

BUT it seems like the other buttons transmit more conflict signals;
for example when I press the temp-up button, apparently it transmits the whole AC status (power, mode, temperature, fan speed etc) as well.

Although this seemed to be no issue on the original Broadlink android app [play store link]. How does the app do it?

Is there a way to decode the commands and keep only the ‘useful’ information?

And how this will look at the lovelace front-end? Do I need to create 12 buttons to adjust the temperature from 18° to 30° C? How about timers? Another 48 buttons for each hour to turn on and off?

I am kinda lost on this matter, any general guidance or setup sharing would be greatly helpful. Thanks

I don’t think it is possible to split…

But maybe this is an alternative…Support for Midea A/C ?
Provided it has an (optional) wifi interface using the wifi dongle OSK102/103 :thinking:

Just ran into this. Did you ever find a solution? Super frustrating that it transmits the whole AC status.