Using Certain Pins on ESP8266

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Having a great time with a ESP8266 connected to 8 channels relay using Tasmota [Tasmota 8.5.0]. Relays connected to D5, D6 and D8 are not working.
Conected devices are not switched on and the relay itself does not click. Changed config in the Module parameters page to used other relays with these pins and they still do not work.

Have been reading around and those are the SPI pins, not sure of what there use is but I will search for information on how to use those pins in my nightly reading.

My questions will be:

  1. Can i use those pins to operate a 8 channel realy using Tasmota (or better use a 4 channel and call it a day)
  2. Is there a template that i can use for this to work
  3. Any work around or alternative firmware i can load that will give me similar control to TASMOTA (web page access, alexa, timer, mqtt).

Thanks in advance for your response and have a great evening.

Best source on info is generally thought to be

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Also, that relay requires 5v to work, GPIOs from an esp8266 are 3v3. Are you using a level shifter to up the voltage to 5?

Level shift… Ummm, not in this case… From what information has been given.

The relay board that is listed should not need a level shift, it has the appropriate circuits to handle the inputs. Most importantly this relay board is This relay module is 5V active low. for the inputs.

From a GPIO setup it is important to understand that this relay board will be off when the GPIO pin is positive voltage (VCC 3.2V) and on when connected to ground (as GND on the ESP8266). Being that it is This relay module is 5V active low. means that the output pins should to be configured so that GND is On and VCC is Off. Typically referred to as Inverted.

From a standpoint of Tasmoto, I’m unsure how to configure this through the Tasmoto interface. :slight_smile:
If SPI is enabled in Tasmoto, that might be potentially causing the issue.

Hope this helps!

Love this reference for my own use and to help others!

Thanks a lot for the replay. The web page listed is/was my reference page for support. I have been diving in the automation trend with little to no knowlwedge at all. I will investigate further about the “level shifter” is this know as a “bulk converter”…? and the “active low” concept. But the info provided gives me something to search and read on in the mean time.

Thanks a lot for the input.

Good day,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to this post. What I did meanwhile I research is divide this proyect in 2, using 2 different 4 channels relay. I will surelly look into the “SPI is enabled in Tasmoto” you mentioned at the end.


Now I have another issue I had not considered:

nickrout and ronytomen how can I power my esp8266 from the relay ? Using only 1 power supply if posible.

I have the esp8266 powered from the PC using the usb port and the relay powered from the wall (relay 1 and 2, power some bulbs and relay 3 and 4 into a power adapter). I will like to avoid having to power supply for this item.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!