Using cover entity to control picture elements cards

I have a nice picture element dashboard. Befor that I cnaged pictures only with .light entities. But now I do want to do the same with entities of cover. type.
As you can understand, they do not have “on/off” state
Please advice whether I can use one of the attributes (position) in picture elements, or please advice how to create binary timeplate that would have on/offf depending on a state of my covers…

Please post a simplified code for the part “change some picture depending on a light entity”.

My typical code is:

  - type: image
            entity: light.lina_light_l2
            tap_action: none
            hold_action: none
              'on': /hacsfiles/plan/Ver3/Lenta_lina.png
              'off': /hacsfiles/plan/Ver3/transparent_square.png
              unavailable: /hacsfiles/plan/Ver3/transparent_square.png
              top: 50%
              left: 50%
              width: 100%

That works fine with lights., but gives an error with cover. entities

In general, assume some has some fixed values “value_1”, “value_2”:

              'value_1': ...
              'value_2': ...

Try this with cover entity since you know it’s possible values.