Using current Power consumption (Watts) and for daily use (in kWh) + Energy Dashboard

I have an energy monitoring plug which is connected to our hot tub and I want to track the daily (or hourly) energy use

If I look at the history it’s extremely erratic, and it’s measuring Watts

I’ve attempted to set up Utility Meter but while I think it’s adding the usage sums, this also only only seems to be in Watts, which isn’t ultimately useful unless I can convert it to kWh…

How can I get this to measure my kWh usage ?
Additionally, how can I get this able to be added to my energy dashboard?

Use Reimann sum integral helper for total calculation.

I think that’s what the Utility Monitor is supposed to do isn’t it?

(It at least seems to be adding in the 1hr I’ve had it set up, tho I’ve no idea if it’s adding correctly (I really hope not as it’s getting turned off if it’s using 800kWh!)

I’m getting a bit confused here, but I think I’ve made progress

I’ve created a Reimann and a Utility to see what they’re doing and I’m actually think the Utility Meter off the Reimann values seems to be giving what I want? Feels a bit convoluted but is does this sound right?

Further detail:
My Reimann just keeps ticking upwards, but does seem to be doing the kW conversion (it says kWh on the graph but I’m not sure that’s correct - maybe I entered the measure when creating)

I created a utility meter from the Reimann which resets every hour, so I believe that is tracking the kWh

However, only the max value seems to matter (i.e. in this hour it has used X kWh) - is there any way I can represent that effectively?

Have you figured this out?

Sorry, nope - I gave up and moved on