Using Custom Cards

I’m trying to install a custom card but can’t get it to work. I’m following what I think is the latest guidance and install the url in the Lovelace panel under resources:

and put the js file in the www folder.


but it doesn’t seem to be working. Have I missed a step?

Did you add the card to a Lovelace view? Also there is the Reload resources option in the top right menu (behind the the 3 dots)

I’ve added a test card but I suspect the red means there is an error. Just can’t figure out what. The result is no cards appear in that view including previous basic cards I had created


I don’t see the option to Reload resources just configure UI, & Help then unused entities & raw configuration editor. I did restart HA with no effect.

Do I need to put lovelace in yaml mode for this to work?

Must be an error in the card code, because I loaded another custom card and it worked.

Try the battery-state-card.

I think the battery-entities-card you are using hasn’t been updated for quite a while.

Thanks, I like this one more than the other. Greater options. Already up and running.