Using Deepstack/Double-take on Ring doorbell

Hi there,

I’ve finally gotten Frigate+Deepstack+Doubletake running well on my setup with my Swann IP Cameras. I’m trying to get my Ring Doorbell to also use this for face recognition if possible and I’ve managed to get Ring-MQTT running. I cann’t seem to get the RTSP event/live stream going for my Ring door bell and I guess maybe its not supported so i cann’t use the RTSP mehod to add another camera to Frigate, when i tried using the ringdoor bell snapshot as a camera in Frigate, it just shows as a ping image.

I wanted to see if there is a way to get deepstack/double-take to process clips directly from a folder or to process it from the Ring MQTT stream. Does anyone know how i can do this?

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+1 on this request. i’m looking into this same thing. Seems you can tell it to look at Frigate but if we could just point it to a folder we could have HA save an image from Ring (i know this works already) and analyse that

MMmm i cann’t seem to connect Frigate to the ringdoor bell though. When i used the stream, frigate just seems to show a pink screen so i might be missing something here. If i can connect frigate to the ring door bell then i’m sure i can do deepstack to it as well.