Using DHT22 Sensor - Not supported?

So I wanted to use a DHT22 Sensor with ESP home. Followed a few online videos, but get unknown.

I found somewhere that the DHT is no longer supported?

Can someone point in the direction of sensor that does work?

It easy and they work well, just make sure you read the docs rather than following old videos. Videos are fine, but can easily be out of date, the docs will always be up to date. Docs first then watch some vids for guidance.

As ever if you want proper help you will need to supply more detail, yaml code, wiring diag board used etc.


Thankyou for that info.

I actually went around in circles.

I was using a board that had an led on the GPIO13 whichI was using, and while trying to problem solve I added a resistor… The sensor already has the resistor!

The paper work made sure i had done everything correctly and problem solve. thanks

Did chatgpt tell you that LOL


That had nothing to do with esphome.

As a HA platform, not more supported. You should use ESPHome.