Using Directv RVU on Samsung Smart TV

I am having problems connecting my Directv RVU to Home Assistant. I can connect to my Samsung Smart TV, not fully working but knows if it is on or off.

I have tried with just letting home assistant discover it on its own and even with entering ip addresses foreach. When I have put ip addresses for my genie and TV I get one for my genie that is correct but then I also get a duplicate of the genie and no TV.

Has anyone correctly added the genie and RVU to their home assistant? I am looking for some help. Thanks in advance!

I was hoping someone would be able to help by now. Is there anyone has an RVU tv and has it working?

Thanks in advance!

What is RVU?

Without any config in my HA, my new TV (Samsung UNKS800D) shows up. I can’t control it but it just says it’s always off. I’m reading up on it now.

I discovered my tv has RVU because one of my vista computers keeps asking me for a driver when I turn on my tv. :slight_smile:

Here is an explaination: