Using DSC to add sensors

I am planning my C4 retirement and I have only two sensors that need replacing (everything else is a light switch).
Generally, has anyone had luck using the DSC system as inputs to HA? I have already successfully connected through Envisalink. Are they fast enough, updating, etc? Alternately, I could go with wifi or z-wave, but prefer not to add (nothing against z-wave)

The first is the Bravo5 ceiling mounted motion detector. I can run a wire to an open termination on my DSC board.
Does anyone have any experience with this device? How fast does it operate? In my automation, it turns on lights in my bathroom.

The second is a tri-zone wireless sensor.
I cannot run wires to this, but my DSC system has RF. I would use it to connect in two garage door magnetic switches.
Has anyone used this for this purpose? Can it show the doors as separate entities?
In my automations, it turns on lights when returning home at night, and sends notifications when the garage doors are open too long or at night.

Are you saying that you already have it in home assistant with the envisalink?

I use the dsc power series with an envisalink and it works great. Response time is fast. I do have a bravo 5, but never got it installed in the location I wanted it, but do use a couple of the ws4965s. One is my garage where I have all 3 doors (2 overhead and 1 walk in door) as different zones so yes that’ll work.
You should be fine to use these sensors in HA.

I have a dsc 1832 with wireless sensors and am using envisalink.
I have several “door” sensors, i use as inputs for HA, even have one on my mailbox.
it’s near instant. so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Excellent. I have been watching the response time of my DSC door sensors in HASS and it does seem fast.
Thanks for answering these questions!! :upside_down_face: