Using existing secrets file not working

Hi, Running latest HASSIO and AppDaemon addon and now have my dashboards mostly setup and working well.

I want to use my existing secrets file that sits in my homeassistant directory (/config/), however its not working!

I added the secrets: /config/secrets.yaml to my appdaemon.yaml folder as that is the path to the secrets.yaml

when i restart appdaemon i see the following
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/appdaemon/", line 101, in _secret_yaml raise ValueError("!secret used but no secrets file found") ValueError: !secret used but no secrets file found

appdaemon expects a full path or a relative path starting from the appdaemon config dir.
appdaemon doesnt know where the homeassistant config is and /config isnt a full path.

when you use it like that appdaemon expects the file to be in (appdaemon config)/config

the second thing is that the filerights must be so that the user that starts appdaemon also needs to have filerights for secrets.
and that is probably not the case in hassio.

untill now i only heard that people failed to try the HA secrets file in hassio.

With hassio it most probably doesn’t need the /config/. Try just secrets.yaml

just secrets.yaml will use secrets.yaml in the appdaemon config directory.