Using Git for config files, best practise?

Hi all,
I’ve got my HA setup off the ground and it’s humming along nicely.
I’m keen to start using Git to track/share/backup my config files but I have a slight complication which makes me wonder which way to go, and that plenty of others must also be doing this.

I’ve HA running on an Intel NUC on Ubuntu and I access the config files for editing via a SMB share and use Atom ( on my Mac to edit the files.

The problem is I want to go down the (very lovely) path of working directly from Git-plus in Atom on my Mac but this means working across the SMB share. Will this cause to many problems to be worth it?

Or is there another, cleaner way to set this up.

Await the sharing of much collective knowledge :slight_smile:

AFAIK, what you suggest will work, but I think you should consider creating a git repository on your Mac to edit the files locally, and then creating a remote on the machine with HA and doing a git pull to update the configuration when you have finished updating.

You could even install HA on your mac to do some testing with it (or at least a config check) before you deploy it for real. This should reduce the amount of down time when you are updating.

Alternatively, you could use a remote git hosting site, like github or bitbucket and have the MAC and HA machine pull and push to that, which would give an off site backup of your configuration.

good ideas, thanks

Instead of working with SMB, look into the remote-sync package of Atom :wink: