Using Git Pull with, the menu in Web UI disappears

After a fresh install of, I installed the Git Pull add-on via the Web UI and configured it. I also installed the SSH add-on, and using that I made a copy of the initial config files from the fresh install of ("/config") to a new git repo. After I removed a couple of things from the configuration.yaml, the menu disappeared.

I cant figure out why this happens, since there is no specific config of in the default configuration.yaml.

Is there a way that I can get this back again?

I searched further in this forum, and I found the solution. I have to add “hassio:” to configuration.yaml.

Should it not contain “hassio:” in the default configuration, and is it documented somewhere? I searched for it in the documentation, but could not find anything about it.

I can see that several people in this forum have struggled with the same question.