Using google assistant to adjust volume on my denon receiver

The situation:

I have a denon receiver that I have added to HA. I have a chromecast attached to the back of it. I have an automation that tells the denon to turn on and go to the chromecast input when i tell google to play music on the chromecast. This is all fine and dandy and works but I would like to be able to adjust the volume of the denon via google assistant.

I’m currently using nabu casa and the denon doesn’t show up as a device in my google home because it is integrated as an entity in HA, not a device.

Any suggestions?

So i figured out part of it. I had to expose the entities in my Google Assistant integration within the Nabu Casa Settings. Now one of my Denon receivers responds when i tell it to set the volume, but the other one doesn’t. Any thoughts on trouble shooting this?

Well, figured this out too. I have a nest mini out on the back porch that was called the same things as my denon speakers that are out there. changed the name and all is now functioning.