Using Google Home integration for HA unsupported devices?

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone has been able to use the Google Home or other
similar integration to to provide an interface to HA unsupported devices. For
example the great and very inexpensive FEIT dimmers sold by Costco? They
work great with Google home, but don’t with Home Assistant directly (without
resorting to disassembly and flashing). I have several of these that I installed
before learning about HA, and pulling them out of the walls is something that I
do now want to do. Google home can control the without issue, but I do not see
them after installing the Google Home Hacs integration (only my Google-branded
devices (e.g. Chromecasts).
Has anyone a way to do this?


Hi there… It is actually not possible to integrate Feit dimmer in its original firmware to HA with or without google home as the middle player. But you can think of tuya convert when will convert these into tasmota and as far as i know you wont need to disassemble or solder anything. I recommend you convert one these dimmers and experiment with it and if you are satisfied, you can proceed with others.

Thanks for the tip shemainsalam, I will give it a shot.


The Google Home Integration does NOT provide a bridge for connecting devices that are connected to google home. It is solely for retrieving alarms and timers (for now). It is unfortunately not possible to do the thing you what through this integration.

Co-author of Google Home integration.

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Need any help, you can always ask…happy to help

Thanks for the reply! My thoughts why it might have been possible is that the Feit’s work perfectly with Google Home, I can say what needs to be done and the dimmers respond instantly.
I was thinking that the HA - Google Home integration may have the ability to tap into the speech interface in reverse… Kinda like sending text saying " Hey Google, turn the dining room light on and set its brightness to 50%" I guess Google doesn’t have a text-based I/F for speech commands?
A bizarre and crazy thought… It may be possible to put a google assistant home speaker in a small quiet chamber along with a “regular” speaker hooked to a chromecast-audio and use HA’s text to speech feature to issue the commands. As the voice would be exceptionally consistent, google should learn it and it might be highly reliable Like I said… a crazy idea!

In any case, keep up the great work!!! Thank you for your reply.


The is no API for text-based commands for Google Assistant Enabled devices. And but i think Google Assistant SDK maybe what you are looking for.

But there have been talks about implementing Bluetooth tracking support so you can use it for presence detection. :smile:

Check this out. I believe this addon supports what you ask.

Second this. I’m using This addon, which was released earlier. There’s no active development happening, so I’d go for the Google Assistant relay (just never changed as it’s still working)

Just keep in mind that you would need to create an input_boolean and a script for each device individually. Also, this might break everyday if google decides to change anything on their side.

Thanks to everyone that pointed me to the Relay Assistant integration. Although I still have some work to do, it is absolutely now controlling my HA-unsupported FEIT dimmers. Goal is to make the dimmers look and feel in Lovelace just like any other light. But I suspect this should not be too difficult.

Thanks again!


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The feit costco dimmers work in the tuya app and can be integrated directly in HA with tuya integration if u don’t want to or cant flash them to tasmota I have them working both ways flased with tasmota and in the tuya app. The difference is they respond quicker with tasmota vs tuya (cloud)