Using GPIO Switch and HiLetGo Relay board: Relay LED turns on Power does not flow

I have an Olimex ESP32 POE ISO, a HiLetGo 24V DC Relay Board.
Olimex is getting 48V POE and shows up on the network just great.
I’m powering the HiLetGo from the Olimex 3.3V and GND.

I’m supplying 24V to COM.
When I connect my load to NC, it powers ON, but I cannot turn it off.
When I connect my load to NO, it is OFF, and I cannot turn it off.
In both cases, the LED indicator alongside the Relay turns on so the signal is being sent and received.

My board and my switch in ESPHOME yaml look like this:

  board: esp32-poe-iso
    type: esp-idf

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO16
    name: "GPIO 16 - Relay 8"
    restore_mode: RESTORE_DEFAULT_OFF

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Thanks for the help

Uh Oh, I think I just sorted this out.

The relays are Songle SRD-24VDC-SL-C and while they are also rated to control 10Amp at 28VDC, 30VDC, 125VAC, 250VAC that 24VDC in the part numbers means the relays needs 24V to activate.

OK, ordered a different board.