Using HA back up

My Home Assistant stopped working, i couldn’t reach the frontend anymore.

I wanted to start with a new SD card and use a back up i have in Google Drive. Everything works fine untill i get the screen where i can fill in my name etc. I select one of my back up files and choose select all. Then i get a message if i want to remove everything, is click yes,Then nothing happens. Tried this a couple of times. If i try it again straight after nothing happens it says failed to fetch.

Any idea where i can look for?

It can take a long time…how long are you waiting to see if the backup worked?

Not really that long, also cause it seems like nothing was happening, wil try again and wait some longer

EDIT: Trying again, I can see the text recovery in progress for few seconds. Then I get to see the start screen again where I can enter my name and password. Then I would have to wait longer?