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Can someone help please with a dilemma I have.

I have many devices in HA but for many of them, especially cameras, I would prefer not to have them linked to the manufacturers servers for obvious security and privacy reasons.

I understand that I have to register the device through the manufacturer website or app, then I add the entity/device to HA but how can I stop the device from using the manufacturer servers but keep using it in HA? Do I simply log out of their app? Or is it not possible?

I would appreciate any advice on this.

We are going to need a bit more info

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One of the devices, as an example, is a TP-Link cam. I created an account via their app, added the cam then I have added the cam successfully to HA config using rtsp for streaming.

I just need to know if it is possible to stop using the TP-Link servers and, if so, how?

You have to first find out if the camera will even function without connection to the cloud. Some devices don’t but I don’t know if that’s the case with TP-Link.

If it can work without the cloud and you can’t figure out how to disconnect it from the cloud then you could just block the device from accessing the internet in your router settings.

I do that for my Foscam cameras (just to be sure even tho there is no 'cloud" connection - that I know of…)

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Thanks. I just disconnected internet access to the device via the router and I’m still receiving the stream. I’m going to check now what other devices I need to restrict internet access for.

Thank you.

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