Using HA scenes with multiple Google home users (and voice match)

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I’ve added a couple of scenes in HA and exposed these to Google home through nabu casa. Strangely, it works if I myself tell Google to “activate <scene>” but for my wife it does not work. I’ve confirmed on the screen of my nest hub that it is hearing the correct command, it just doesn’t know what to do with it.

She’s a “family member” and can control all other HA devices, but not scenes. I’m not able to find scenes anywhere in my home app either, despite working fine with my voice.

I noticed the same issue. It doesnt work like it used to. I found if I added Nabu Casa on her phone it works, but then today I upgraded to 2021.03 and it didnt respect any of the exposed entities. We got about 300 “new devices” added to Google Assistant.

I have recently experienced the same issue. I can say “Ok Google, activate <scene>”, and even a generic TTS can do it too, but my wife (with voice match) consistently fails. The speech recognition is correct, but something goes wrong with auth.

Looking at the Action on Google logs, I see:

status: {
externalDebugString: "Failed to add authorization token to the HTTP header. Error: 'generic::failed_precondition: Failed to fetch access token."

It has worked for her in the past. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!