Using HA to stream music over icecast2?


i heard about HA can play music but i have never tried this, so i am a newbe on this and would like to ask for help getting this run.

I have Debian11 with HA, Motioneye and Iceast2 with mpd installed.

For a local Internetradio i already got it running: mpd plays random mp3’s to Icecast2 and everywher in the house the stream can be heard on an internetradio.
My Problem: mpd can just use one playlist and can only stream one stream, but i want some more, at least 2 or 3 streams! I can configure icacast2 for different ports so stream1 can be listened on port 8000, stream2 8001, stream3 8002 and so on.

How can i manage to HA sends/plays 3 streams to icecast2?

I am really thankful for any help or even step-by-step example!