Using "Helpers" in UI automation editor

The recent versions of HA encourage us to use the UI automation editor and Helpers rather than manual YAML editing. Personally I think it’s great and prefer working with the UI.

But what I would like to be able, is to use Helpers (variables) in the UI automation editor.
My feature request is adding Helpers support in the UI.

maybe an option in the entities list at the top “Add Helper” that will bring up the helper creation dialog?

The Automation Editor closely follows how automations are manually defined in YAML, so below expects a value, not an entity_id. The example you supplied would require a template.

With that said, it would be nice if the UI editor had the power to create that template for people if they select something like an input_number as the value

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There’s no harm in wishing for new things but in this case we first have to wish for below to support templates. Then comes the wish for the Automation Editor to know which options support templates and which don’t. Then comes the wish for it to automatically convert a supplied entity_id into a template, possibility offering options because you may want to access an attribute value instead of a state value.

Long road to our destination.