Using Homeseer Dimmers to control LIFX bulbs

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Hello, I’m brand new to Home Assistant. Just installed yesterday (on a Raspberry Pi and a HUSBZB-1 Z-wave/zigbee stick) and trying to wrap my head around everything.
I’ve been on Smartthings and wrote all my automations using webCoRE. I’ve been generally very satisfied but moving over to keep things local and avoid cloud delays.

Some of my most basic and common scripts are:
Press button up on Homeseer HS-WD200+ Dimmer (not connected to any load) -> Turn on group of lifx bulbs. Press off -> turn off group. Dim the dimmer -> match lifx bulbs to that dimmer setting.

What’s the best way to go about this with HA? I am trying this on one bulb and right now it seems like I need an automation with trigger zwave.scene_activated for button up to light.turn_on the lifx bulb(s), then a new automation with zwave.scene_activated for button down, then I’ll need to figure out what to do for dimming. But is this the best way or are there more efficient methods? That’s fine for one bulb here or there but I have multiple switches in multiple rooms.

As an aside, I also have things in my webCoRE like my closet dimmer (no lifx bulb, just the Homeseer dimmer itself) turn on with button up but then turn itself off after 2 minutes unless I double-click up, in which case it turns on indefinitely. Trying to figure out the best way to write this type of automation too.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am drying to figure out dimming as well.