Using Homeseer to drive Zwave

Been running Homeseer for a couple of years. Want to move to HA, just got it up and running. However, I have almost entirely Z-wave devices and keep reading about the iffy zwave support in HA - Additionally, I have a slew of HS switches that I see a lot of people having trouble with in HA due to it’s poor zwave support. Was looking at picking up a Vera plus hub to use just to run the zwave network, but thought, why? I have a HS3 running the zwave network and it handles that really well, fast and solid, and of course supports their devices flawlessly. Additionally, I have a remote building that I can drop in a HS ZNet device in to more easily extend the zwave network via HS without having to deal with it in HA, and means I can leave HS3 running everything while I get HA up. Anyone else using HS as a zwave “hub”? I haven’t seen any components ready made to assist with this. Suggestions/advice/etc?

First post, thanks in advance.

This may be of interest to you. In the following topic, Homeseer users discuss the challenges of transitioning to Home Assistant (including how to handle Z-wave).


Hi @wabbastang,

Welcome to the party. I’m also transitioning to HA and have no plans to move my z-wave network for the foreseeable future. To answer your question, yes, I’m using HS3 as a z-wave hub. Go check out what I’ve posted in the other thread and we can continue the discussion there.