Using IFTTT to play Plex Media on Chromecast

I am trying to ultimately get IFTTT setup to play a specific episode or movie, but unable to successfully call the play_media service from within HA to a chromecast. Here is my JSON:

“media_content_id”:"{ “library_name” : “Movies”, “video_name” : “movie name”, “shuffle”: “0” }",

When I run this, the chromecast loads the default media receiver and not the plex app. Any suggestions?

Have you had any luck with this? I too would like to do exactly what you’re describing and it would seem I’m getting the exact same result when I try to call a similar service.

I have actually gave up on HA and started looking into Phlex. But since Google assistant integration is available through Plex and Android Tv, I have shifted focus.