Using ip-cam motion detection to drive switches?

Anyone have ever tried this, would it be possible someway?

I am doing this.

I have a few reolinks 510 and 811. I use the native built in detection (which is pretty good) and I have that hooked to siren switches.

The 811 has pet detection in beta and why i specifically included it here. You can choose whichever motion type event you want in HA and automate it however you want. You would fine tune the motion detection settings in reolink.

It works instantly enough to where if I walk in front of a camera, the motion detection gets me and there’s already a message and a picture sent to my phone.

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as long as the camera motion detection event gets to HA and the switches are also in HA then it’s just a simple automation.

Any additional suggestions are totally dependent on which cameras you use and you haven’t supplied that info.