Using JSON methods for Kodi


I trying to execute several commands from HA to Kodi, but I have a troubles with methods. when I tried to execute “call method” with method (example)“system.reboot” it work correctly but with another methods like " VideoLibrary.GetMovies " it doesnt work. Is possible that I try to call method with wrong syntax or I should configure something - somewhere before calling :slight_smile:

Could someone help me please?


Hi g_mate,

I’m also strugling with Kodi’s json rpc interface.
Edit: At first I haven’t properly read your post, so let me correct my anwser.
What you need to do is listen to the kodi_call_method_result event. This is where the result is sent to.

Next step is to find out how to pass an input parameter… This is where I’m stuck

Edit2: tip: analysing the network traffic between Yatse (Android remote app) and Kodi is a great help.