Using Konnected with Home Assistant in a Linux Container

I thought this information might be useful. I have Home Assistant running in a LXD container and I was having a lot of trouble getting my Konnected devices set up. It took me a fair while to figure out exactly what was going on and what to search for to resolve it.

All that was required was I had to setup my Konnected config as follows

  - id: <mac address>
    host: <ip address>
    port: <port>

Discovering the IP address was easy since I could look at the active DHCP leases on my router. To discover the port took a bit of effort by running a port scan using nmap. From what I can tell that port will never change. To make sure the devices don’t change IP I set them to static DHCP leases.

If anyone can tell me how to make Home Assistant, running in an LXD container, talk to the Konnected devices please do because I have given up trying to figure it out.

I doubt anyone here has done that. Those who use containers use the supported Docker containers.

Better to share it and save someone else the trouble than not. Imagine if everyone shared how they resolved problems like this…