Using Logitech Pop with Emulated Hue

I have some Logitech Pop buttons I purchased before going all-in with Home Assistant. I would like to use them to control some Sonoff switches.

I can add the Sonoff switches to the Pop app successfully (using Emulated Hue), but whenever I try to use them I get errors that they’ve lost the connection with the hub.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I’d prefer to avoid IFTTT because of latency and the tendency for the lights’ on/off status to fall out of sync with each other.

I was able to connect my Logitech Pop buttons to Home Assistant via a physical Harmony Hub alongside Emulated Hue. I’m not sure if incorporating a Harmony Hub will solve your problems, but here’s a link to my answer and instructions if you’re curious:

(Also replying here because it’s one of the top Google results for Logitech Pop and Home Assistant.)