Using MQTT vs. HTTP Post - To collect GPS and Battery

I’m new to both but MQTT and HTTP Post seem to do the same thing if you are trying to update a sensor or turn on/off a service. The basics that I’m starting with is to send battery and location from my android phone to HA using Tasker. Here are the pros and cons that I have for using each method:


  • Can setup multiple users/passwords for each phone so that I don’t have to worry about changing the password for everyone if one of my kids losses the phone. Also, it feels more secure that the MQTT password is different from the front end api password.
  • Can update multiple sensors at a time like GPS and battery so I don’t have to make multiple posts (i.e., {“longitude”: 1.0,“gps_accuracy”: 60,“latitude”: 2.0,“battery_level”: 99.9})

HTTP Post:

  • Very easy to set up and no need for any MQTT addons, can send directly from Tasker.
  • Can only update one sensor at a time.
  • I feel it is less secure because it uses the primary HA password and included it in every URL. So a bit worried about setting up kids devices with this.

Do those points seem pretty accurate, or an I wrong on any or all? Any suggestions for which method you would use for updating location and battery of each family device?


Have a look at this: