Using ms sql as my recorder in docker

To use ms sql as the recorder within home assistant I need to be able to install pymssql

I’m using docker so the only way I think I can achieve this is to run “docker exec -it homeassistant pip3 install pyssql” every time I update home assistant.

Has anyone come across a good way to do this automatically, or am I better off creating my own docker image, and manually changing the base image every time there is a new home assistant update?

Long term, I think you should raise an issue in github to get the module included in the HA base image.

Hopefully, that will not take long to be fixed and you can carry on manually inserting the module into the image for now. If it takes longer than the next release to update the base image, I would derive a new image with a Dockerfile. Maybe even put it on dockerhub for others to use.

I did it myself, and added it as a pull request. It got rejected though :frowning:
yeah, I think I might make my own docker image for now.

I suppose they want to keep the base image as lean as possible. It does seem that its going to lead to a proliferation of images though, as people create them to add the bits that they want, and using an external database is a pretty common option.