Using link as MQTT server in Tasmota sonfiguration

I’m wondering that nobody complains about the following:
Nabu Casa cloud generates a remote link in a very long form e.g.
I’ve tried to use this link in tasmota mqtt configuration in a host field but it doesn’t work.
it always cuts off the part after first dot from the left (or it could be cutting after certain length of the string)

Should we request from Tasmota dev to extend alllowed length of this field or I’m doing somethign wrong?

Are you trying to use your tasmota device off site?

yes, that’s an idea.

I don’t think mqtt over nabucasa is possible.

well, it brings their statement about “worry-less remote access” under question.
Any other experience about mqtt from outside? duckdns is one of them, have used it, but sometimes messy when struggling with ports and firewalls on internal side.

That refers to home assistant. MQTT is not home assistant.

Yes you can forward a port, or you can use a secure tunnel.

What use do you have for a MQTT device outside your LAN. Perhaps if you describe your need, someone can suggest another solution.

Sorry for not coming timely with an answer to your question.
In my particular case, this is scenario:

  • my underground garage doe snot catch WIFI signal from my apartment. so, I’ve setup a 4G MiFi modem/router with only few tasmota devices (garage door open/closed RF sensor, sonoff tasmotized RF Bridge, an ESP based relay for opening/closeing door., PIR RF sensor …) . All this is now in a separate network (not part of the same where Hassio is) and needs an access to mqtt broker which is at my home, integrated into Hassio.
  • same scenario for summer house in country side. 4G modem with relay/switch for watter pump, light, etc.

Setting up a Pi in those two external locations for few devices only would be like “shooting a fly with cannon” so I though they can access existing MQTT broker and my existing Hassio setup could do logic an automatization.
I anyone has experienced (and solved) similar case-study, is highly appriciated to know working solution.
At the moment duckdns seems to be only workable fix.

Duckdns is not the only dynamic dns service out there.

You could expose mosquitto to the internet I guess, but I am not sure how secure that can be made.

Can the 4G modem or 4g MiFi modem/router set up a vpn to your home system?

Thanks for suggestion. Will look into that, though I doubt those inexpensive Chinese modem can do it. THey hardly can do basic things :slight_smile: