Using Nest Thermostat w/ Local Temp to toggle Kasa Smart Plug (EP25). - Help Wanted

I have a Nest Gen 3 and a TP-Link/ Kasa EP25 (Older firmware) connected to a whole house fan.

Im trying to create an automation that when the outside temperature is lower than my inside temperature (pulled from the Nest) I want the plug to turn on. I would like the opposite to occur when the conditions are reversed.

I created 2 Automations but they down seem to do anything; I’ve used the History feature to track temperatures and the state of the plug; It never changes conditions. I’ve tried for a few days with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated

platform: numeric_state
  - sensor.president_park_temperature
attribute: temperature
above: sensor.living_room_temperature
type: turn_off
device_id: dd76d09f361fcbaef14ae4e1a94b7978
entity_id: 63ecad5d3cdf9cfb371672aae0ed2b4e
domain: switch