Using NFC Tags with ios

I am just starting to use NFC tags with ios.
I think I might have found my problem but I need someone to confirm if my assumptions are good.
My goal is to trigger a script when a tag is scanned with the iphone without prompting me to open HA. (I opened HA and used tags there to setup everything, now each time I scan a tag, it prompts me to open HA app to execute the automation).
Is it correct to assume that this is a limitation of the ios/HA app?
Is it correct to assume that the only way of doing it without a prompt is by setting up the NFC tag in the ios shortcut and from there firing an HA event?

Thank you

I believe so. I’ve read other posts talking about it prompting to open the companion app.

I use the iOS Shortcuts app to start a shortcut when the NFC tag is scanned - and have turned off “Ask Before Running” so it runs automatically. From there you could use the HA API to post an event as you suggest, although I have it do a GET on my own web service because it feels easier to trace (probably my hang-up though).

You can also do much more with the Shortcuts app on the phone, so even if the companion app didn’t require interaction, you might find yourself outgrowing it for this use anyway.

Thank you, that’s what I thought.