Using Owntracks with Cloudflared


I have HA and have remote access by the Cloudflared add-on. I want to be able to track my iOS device on my HA.

I can’t seem to track my iOS location using the regular tracking in HA (it seems to think I am permanently at home). I think this may be because the iOS app cannot communicate my location with the HA instance when I am away from my local network.

I thought I could fix this by installing OwnTracks integration and its iOS app. On the iOS OwnTracks app I followed the instructions for HTTP, authentication etc and tried using both the local URL address - which is the one the integration created - and also replacing that the local URL address of my HA instance part of the HTTP address with the external URL of my remote HA. Neither works when I am away from my local network. The local URL works when on my local network.

When I am off my local network - in the status info of the iOS app, I get an “HTTP response 302 error” when using the external URL remote HA as the beginning part of the HTTP URL address. I get a constant “connecting” status when I am using the local URL.

Please can someone advise?


If you’re happy playing in cloudflare did, why not skip own tracks and expose home assistant with cloudflare, then the companion app will report location properly when off network.

I have exactly the same issue (and setup) as @ehu156. The companion app doesn’t reliably report location (or speed), hence OwnTrack. I am not finding any useful information re. this on the net.
How are other people doing it? Anyone?

I am facing same problem using cloudflare and Android mobile phone
The device_tracker always pointing to my Home Network when I am away

Still I am looking for a solution