Using Physical Light Switch Disconnects Aeotec Z-Wave Dimmer from

I’ve recently installed an Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Dimmer in a light switch, connected to an Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick. I’m running through the all-in-one install [updated to 0.62.0] on a Raspberry Pi 3. When the dimmer is connected, I can control the downlights perfectly through Hass.oi, on/off, dimming, etc. However, as soon as I turn the downlights off using the physical light switch, the device stops working in, and the module appears in the front end as ‘Initializing (Unknown)’. As soon as a reconnect it, the front end works perfectly again. However, this is difficult because I have to take off the switch panel. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Are you cutting power to the switch with another switch?

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Or similarly how do you have the physical switch wired into the zwave dimmer?

does the switch cut the 110v to the dimmer itself or does it connect to the 3v switch terminals?

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Thank you both very much, you took my attention from the software to the actual hardware.

I fixed the problem by changing the parameter for the external switch mode. Originally I had set this in, however, it didn’t seem to correctly set to the ‘2-state switch mode’ parameter (because I am using a two stage light switch.) So I found in the manual that you can change this setting on the actual dimmer by clicking the button four times and then flicking the swtich. The dimmer identified the switch as a 2-state switch, and it now works correctly.

Thank you guys very much again.