Using physical wall switch with smart lamps

Hi all!

I’d like to combine a regular physical (dumb) switch (EU switch if matters) with a smart lamp.
I’m totally new to the topic, recently started with configuration of HA itself on a BME.
My goal is to have all the time smart lamp online (as they are in fact designed to be) and same time to have regular wall switches working and avoiding cutting off the line for smart lamp (as it is done by regular relays).

So far I found this solution based on Shelly relays:

The only thing is that it requires flashing a custom firmware to shelly, and later entire configuration is done easily. Shelly sends a notification to HA thru ESP, HA is enabling the lamp.
As a huge bonus - if HA of WiFi is not available - shelly will work in a standard way - switching the line, which is a good failover option.
My main concern is about reflashing shelly itself.

Are there any other solutions, maybe existing relays for such goal?
Both - existing dumb switch and smart lamp should remain.

Thank you for any advice!

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What’s the concern? Seems to be easier now you can flash it without soldering

Meaning existing smart relays with esphome preflashed? I’m not aware of any yet
If you’re referring to other firmware, you can also configure detached mode in tasmota.

Using smart relay was my option but then i figured i could do more with smart switches using multiple press actions.

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Yeah, flashing itself seems to be simple. There’s even wireless way to do that. I’m not aware with hardware itself and firmware lifecycle. May anything happen in a year? Outage of exactly this shelly model, what I will have to do, in this case I can reuse any other relay based on same chipset and tasmota and just prepare same logic firmware or it will be end of story? :slight_smile:

Not necessary with esphome. I’m quite new in this topic, but I’ve seen there are tons of relays for case: stupid switch - relay - stupid lamp
smart switch - stupid/smart lamp

and I thought scenario like I raised is also very popular which may result in plenty of out of the box solutions.
But if not - then this is the way…
I’ll take one shelly first to play around and if it will be satisfying - will extend it.

Thank you

I use the Philips Hue Wall Switch module for this.
It’s a small battery-powered module that is connected to the switch wires, and sends a signal when the switch is pressed/toggled.
The mains wires are not involved, they are directly connected to the lamp.

You could probably achieve the same result using a cheap zigbee door sensor, with a small modification to remove the magnetic switch (reed contact) by wires to the switch.

Unfortunately not that many are providing it out of the box other than shelly & xiaomi (that I’m aware of)
I don’t have shelly, but I did flash an ewelink relay module with esp to get that detached mode working

If both your smart bulb & relay are using tasmota, you can use the tasmota group feature to sync on/off/dimming without relying on homeassistant.

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