Using Private Github Repo for HAOS add-on

Hi, I have an add-on hosted on a private Github repo. Can I add this repo to HA OS device and install the add-on using that? How do I authenticate with Github in such a case?

I’m not sure I understand your question but this link has details if you are trying to do local testing of your add-on:

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking to test an add-on locally. I have created an add-on for personal use and the code is available on a private Github repository.

I want to add that repository as a Custom Add-on Repositories so that I can use that add-on in my Home Assistant OS installation without making the code public.

I hope this makes sense.

Not possible

Download the .zip, upload to your addons folder, unzip and install as local addon.

I’ll definitely give that a shot… Thanks!

Found the right solution. Add repo in the following format:

https://USERNAME:[email protected]/USERNAME/REPONAME.git