Using Pushover API to send image push notifications

Has anyone had any luck using the Pushover service to send image attachments? As of v3 of the Pushover API, it’s possible, but I’ve not seen any examples of doing so within Home Assistant.

Additionally (and why I placed this post in this forum), any chance that image attachments could be made part of the iOS app? Use cases are output from camera component, output from history graph (rendered to jpg), etc.

Not home assistant per se, but I wrote the MQTTWarn Pushover service call to include image attachments.

So the method is the thing (camera, HA), published an mqtt topic that either contains binary data or a url, and the MQTTWarn service picks that up and pushes a notification with image attached.

Public file shared from

Here’s the service: So if interested you could start using it…or use the pushover code (in the services folder) to add it to HA.

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yes. see Pushing Images with Pushover 3.0
to recap:

  • the code was in but hasn’t been merged.
  • with 0.88, things have changed a little: you need to download the file, rename it to and save it under custom_components/pushover/
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