Using Raspberry PI Display with Speakers

Hello, i got an Beumons 10" Touchscreen for an Raspberry PI. ( it is displaying one of my HA Dashboards.

The Display also have attached speakers which are working very will playing for example a live video from one of my security cameras. But how can i configure Home-Assistant to use that “Raspberry PI Station” as an “smart-speaker” which do some TTS Output etc.

Technically the Raspberry boots into RaspberryPI-OS and opens the Webbrowser in Fullscreen mode. Nothing else. Or is there maybe a Agent or something available for Linux, like it is for MacOS? ("Home also called HA Companion App)


I found this and was going to try this out on my Pi satellite

if you just want to play music you can installed squeezelite or snapclient on the Pi

Perfect - thanks! Exactly what im looking for.

Did you managed to get it working? Im have some problems autostarting vlc. if i paste /usr/bin/vlc -I telnet --telnet-password=password123! --telnet-port=9999 --telnet-host= --volume-step=100 --gain=4 to the terminal it is working, but doing exactly the same with autostart (using wayfire.ini) is not working.