Using RF Transmitter with HA on C.H.I.P

I’m hoping to follow the tutorial from Bruh Automation to making the cheap RF outlets controlled by HA. Problem is, I’m not using a Raspberry Pi to run HA, I’m actually running it on the $9 C.H.I.P.

I’m a bit unsure if it will be able to work with the chip. Anyone more knowledgable than me able to point me in the right direction?

Several solutions are available to you assuming you are talking about 433mhz:
-install directly on your board a cheap chinese RF transmitter and receiver or a superheterodyne one and try the library 433Utils , issue I cannot say if it will be compatible or not with your board.
-connect a gateway to your board, either by USB (RFLink or RFXCom) can’t say if it will be supported by your board also. For information RFLink is I think the code that support the most the RF protocols
either by wifi in this case you have two solutions remaining based on an MQTT broker like mosquitto as intermediary :
+ [ESP8266 NODEMCU based gateway] (my preferred, but I’m not very objective as I initiated it ( in this case you will add the transmitter and receiver on the esp8266 directly, the esp8266 will translate the 433mhz signals into MQTT , and the MQTT values to 433mhz signals. HA is connected to the MQTT broker and is able to send and receive messages. This code is based on RCSwitch library, you can find there the supported devices (mainly cheap ones)
+ ESP8266 + arduino Mega with RFLink in this case instead of connecting the arduino mega with rflink by usb to your board you connect it to an ESP8266. The esp8266 translate the arduino mega RF data into MQTT and vice versa

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I am also looking into using a CHIP, HA and a 433mhz receiver. There is RPI-RF integration into HA. There is a CHIP-RF library which is nearly identical to RPI-RF but for CHIP. I think the best solution would be to figure out how to support CHIP-RF in HA like RPI-RF is supported. I dont want to use MQTT, I want to run everyting on a single CHIP.

Have you made any progress Devon?

I think we could just change a few references from RPI_RF to CHIP_RF in and make it a custom compoent.

is there any solution yet ??