Using scripts with Goole Assistant

I am having som trouble getting my vacuum script to work over Google assisant.
This is the scrpit:

        alias: "dammsug varddagsrum"

          - service: vacuum.send_command
              entity_id: vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner
              command: app_zoned_clean
              params: [[31646,17100,36950,25560,1]]

It works in HA, I can run the script, it starts a zoned clean up in the right area.
I have exposed it to Google assistant in the Home Assistant Cloud config and it shows up in Google Home. I have named it “clean livingroom” in Google Home.

But… When I say “hey google, clean livingroom” it just starts a general full clean if docked, or resumes whatever it did if not docked, like cleaning a zone.

It seems that everything should work, but it doesnt… Aany ideas?

Sounds like you have your vacuum linked to google and google is using that over using your script. Name it something different.

Thanks, you led me in the right direction. Renaming it does not help since Google assitant know that it is a vacuum even if I rename it to “Luke Skywalker”. I had to remove it all together from being exposed to Goolge assistant.


I meant renaming the script. Example, you say ‘clean living room’. Instead rename it to Luke Skywalker, but you wouldn’t still say “clean Luke Skywalker”, you’d just say “Luke Skywalker”.