Using Silabs Multiprotocol Add-On with external z2m instance

Dear community,

I use the Sonoff ZBDongle-E with multiprotocol firmware, the Silabs multiprotocol add-on and zigbee2mqtt add-on.

Is it possible to run z2m not as an add-on, but outside of HA in its own Docker container?

If so, how should the port be declared in the z2m configuration?

If both add-ons run under HA, access from z2m to Silabs is via:

port: tcp://core-silabs-multiprotocol:9999
adapter: ezsp

But what needs to be entered in the z2m configuration if z2m runs outside of HA?

Thank you in advance!

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Should be the same.

Hello @francisp,

thanks for your support.

So, I tested it with the entry, but z2m doesn’t start.

Imho that can’t work either, because in the “external” container in which z2m runs, “core-silabs-multiprotocol” is not defined at all… or where is my mistake?

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Indeed, if they are not on the same docker network, you need

port: tcp://www.xx.yy.zz:9999

where is the IP of the HA instance.


i test it with the IP-Address from my HA, but z2m doesn’t start … I’m at a loss