Using single row in hadashboard

trying to use HaDashboard as iframe in Grafan but i am not able to get it in single column.

Want to remove the grey area. tried adjusting height in iframe and adjusting columns in .dash file but its not working. I am trying to get just one column like below.


Any ideas.

you should set the height in iframe to your desired height. (i think 120)
and how does your dashboard look?
i have never extra space below, i need to create that, when i want to see more of my background.
and what browser do you use?

My Dashboard looks like -

if i open HaDashboard it look like -

I tried using different setting is .dash file but this is the setting right now -

title: Grafana
#widget_size: [120, 120]
widget_dimensions: [120, 120]
widget_margins: [5, 5]
columns: 8

    use_comma: 0
    precision: 1
    use_hass_icon: 1
    - v_presence, m_presence, main_door, back_door, hall_window, bedroom_window, outside_motion, bedroom_motion

setting an iframe size is mostly depending on getting the right size.
your dashboard is 1005 width and 130 high.

so you could try to use that for height and width

but it seems like you use the dashboard inside another dashboard.
and if that dashboard is anything like HAdashboard, you cant set a precise setting for iframe.
then it is also depending on a blocksize

if that blocksize is set to a height from 100 (for example) you automaticly get a blockheight from 2, so 200 pixels.

to conclude, i dont think the problem lies in the other dashboard program you are using.

thanks rene i will try that and see if that can work.

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Hey Rene,

Quick question…

Is it possible to set a custom dash screen size for different devices? That way I could make custom dashboards depending on the screen pixel of the device. For instance I could set a custom background that would be rendered to perfectly fit the widgets on the screen (and make custom background frames for the widgets as well).

You. An create all dashboards you like to youre own wishes.
I create dashboards for the mobile from my wife, and i know the widgetsize and columnwidt for that. My tablets have other widget dimensions and column size.
Can you set a default? No
Is it nessesary? Not unless you have that many different devices that you cant write down your own defaults

Ok, thanks. Just wondering if I could control the actual rendered size of the dash screen, so it would render at the device resolution. Looks like the dash actual screen size is rendered at 1920x1080 or so; I can scroll right and down on the 1200x800 tablet. I would like the dash to render at 1200x800 if possible. All so I can visually incorporate the widget graphics right into customized image background.

The only way to control it is by your widget size and column size.
The size from the dash is
Colums x (widgetwidth +in between space)
So its never exactly 1920x1080 or 1200x800

If you dont want to scroll you need to reduce your widgetsize or column amount

kinda off topic, but would mind sharing your hadashboard settings for the 7 days weather forcast please ?

That is grafana. I am trying to put hadashboard in iframe.

just enquiring about your 7 days weather forcast widget, thought it was a appdaemon dashboard. I’m also interested by its config even if it’s a grafana dashboard.
I’m running grafana, adding hadashboard widget in a grafana dashboard is something I’m considering as well.

edit: found it,