Using Smoke Alarm as Siren

Hi Expert,

I am looking for a zigbee siren to integrate with HA but I came across idea that maybe I can use smoke alarm or gas detector as a siren but not sure it can be done or not.

For a smoke detector like Xiaomi/Honeywell. Just wonder, is there any way to manually program in Node-Red to trigger alarm on the smoke detector without really having smoke? Is so I can use it as a siren when the alarm triggered.

As an experienced man in safety installations i can advise this. Even if it is technically possible, you actually do not want this.
It is recommended to keep the sounds of your alarms different. One sound for smoke alarm and another sound for another events.
This will avoid loosing time, when something really happens. You don’t need to examine, what happened and can react directly to the event, that’s happening.
Imagine, middle in the night you hear the siren, with your sleepy eyes you think, someone is breaking in, and before you realize, there is no thief, but a fire, the fire is already doing it’s thing.

So, please, think twice about this :wink:


I cant strongly agree more. While most tinker around, safety is not on the top list of those. So yes, very good advise @BebeMischa

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@BebeMischa and @Vasco raise very good points here - I did consider doing exactly the same thing a while back but after thinking more I didn’t pursue it for those reasons.
But to answer your question (i have the Xiaomi/Honeywell smoke alarms) all you can do to ‘trigger’ the alarm is perform a test mode - which makes it bleep for a few seconds.

I never actually got to a solution for the burglar alarm siren (also looking for zigbee) most solutions seem to be wall mount outdoor units which means drilling the side of the house :frowning:


I’d suggest to look for something like this:

HEIMAN Zigbee 3.0 smart Strobe flash Siren Horn alarm Sound with 95DB big sounds to threaten thief HA1.2

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Thanks all for the comment, I agreed that I should not use smoke detector as a siren after all. :slight_smile: