Using Someone Elses Custom Components

I have been trying to use someone else’s custom component., with little success.

I have downloaded their code off of github as a zip file. When I look at their zip file all I see is a and a few in subdirectories. See at .

When I look the Example Sensor Platform for HA I see that it expects the code to be in a single file with the same name as the component (e.g. platform example is in a file called in the /custom_components/sensor directory.

My question is, what do I do with all of these files? Do I rename them? Do I put them in their own directory under the /custom_components/sensor directory and leave the names alone?

Please help me.



Your problem is that what you’ve found is a python library for controlling the Eufy bulbs, not a Home Assistant custom component. You could make a custom component using that library if you wanted, but Home Assistant can’t do anything with that library as-is.