Using Templating & Variables Further Down the Flow

I’ve searched a bunch but ultimately have come up empty. I have a few flows that could easily be consolidated using templating. I’m currently only using it for two people in the home, but would like to expand it to more and use regex and templating instead of recreating the same flows for each person.

What I want to accomplish is if person A enters a zone, send a notification of the status of a certain device/entity within that zone. I tried the Zone Node with device tracker entity as ^person\\.$, but it doesn’t seem to work. Let’s say I get that figured out.

Could I then use the templating system used in yaml automation to choose the entity/person to send the notification to?

Maybe I’m explaining it poorly, hence why my google and community searches are coming up empty… anyone have any thoughts on this?

First with the zone node you select the person or device tracker eg person.mike_fila or device_tracker.pixel_phone there is no dynamic input to send a variable.

So add all enties and zones separately

Then use a switch node to switch by zone or entity

That makes sense for multiple zones, but can I condense multiple device_tracker entities into a single node?

And then when the node runs, depending on what device enters the zone, send a notification to that device? I’m looking to do this dynamically, however, not make separate flows for each person.

The top portion there is an add button, you may add multiple device_tracker/person. The message that it will send will have the entity that triggered it and the zone that was entered. You can pass the variable using "{{payload}}" in the call service node.

That would pass the variable from msg.payload to "{{payload}}", msg.entity to "{{entity}}", etc as defined in the json output of the zone node.

Thank you!!